The Mind-Body Connection

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Do you have a growth mindest? Are you willing to move forward?

Today We Take You By The Hand To Show You The Paint By Numbers Mindset Methods for


What You Will Learn In This Short Webinar:

Why You Can't What You Want

It's not your fault. You are programmed to only "survive" and in fact, until right NOW you didn't even know that.

What is keeping you from true health is not just "illness". It's much deeper than that. What you were taught as a child, the lessons that kept you safe, bad experiences and the beliefs that formed because of them. All that is layered in and keeps you from your perfect healthy blueprint. That's the truth.

Our first mission is to set you free from the past and clear up all that old "stuff".

New Skills & Taking Action

Next you will need to gain you some new resources, information and new vision for your future. So today, I will give you some new tools and give you the opportunity to set up your action plan!

This is the start of a new journey inside! You will be introduced to new concepts and ways of thinking, connecting to who you really are!

Through easy-to-follow exercises, I will guide you to a more connected mind-body relationship and towards manifesting your optimal mind-body connection!

Focus on Your Future Success

Now imagine in 6 weeks where you will be! It is possible to Change Your Mind-Body Connection in just 6 weeks!

What will change in your body? How will you feel? What if you could finally feel in alignment, like everything is finally working towards the same goal!!!

It is possible to invite the Flow Of Change, in all areas of your health, in body but also in mind, emotions, energy, spirituality and much more! Congratulations on Starting NOW! We are so excited to show you how!


If you want to stop focusing on the pains and burdens of the past... if you want to final hear yourself say "I am good enough" with conviction or even if you simply need a rest and a new plan for future, this MasterClass is a great place to start!

ENROLL NOW in this MASTERCLASS now to get a jump start on your mindset!

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Your Instructor

Angela Martin-King
Angela Martin-King

Angela Martin-King is a professional mentor and coach who has been working with individuals & entrepreneurs and mentoring clients for over 20 years. She is a Doctor of Chiropractic... a fine career choice for a girl who had a weird secret obsession about skeletons as a child. As well as a intriguing curiousity in how the mind works... hence, she follow her passion and became a Board Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, a Master Coach of NeuroLinguistic Programming ( very deep mindset transformative processes) and of course, has a 20 year professional career in both animal and human health and wellness.

Naturally, Dr. Angela is not your typical doctor or coach. And she is completely secure in WHO she is... and lives her life just like that!

Dr. Angela is the founder of our "SoulFire Success Academy" — a center dedicated to our unique community of people that are driven to "live their best lives and help others do the same" through personal empowerment and sharing their own authentic gifts and businesses.

Angela is also a Transformational Speaker (and freaking hilarious if you ask me), currently works as a Doctor of (Human) Chiropractic, Animal Chiropractic and... as a specialized Animal Communicator!!! She runs 3 successful businesses of her own... under one roof. Her unique talent lies in connecting on a deeper level with all of her clients, furry with 4 feet, or not, and providing them with the support they need to create wholeness and thrive, in every area of their lives.

Oh, and when she is on a roll...she makes some pretty wicked facial expressions and often lets a few FBombs out (all in love and passion)

With her heart-centred, authentic approach, Angela resonates deeply with the elite individuals who want to create financial freedom and a high-quality lifestyle for themselves and their families. Dr. Angela welcomes you to the SoulFire Success Circle and looks forward to helping you Live Your Best Life Now!

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